Strategic Consulting

We have extensive experience working in both large corporations and SMEs in strategy formulation. We have worked alongside some of the world's major strategic consulting organisations - McKinsey and with BCG - to develop strategies for large corporations.

We always maintain a very pragmatic and realistic view and therefore we develop strategies that are logical from a market perspective.

We also have experience in conducting and implementing strategic change for companies that have needed to review and rationalise their product portfolios.

Business Development Consulting

We have extensive experience of creating new and compelling go-to-market propositions as an enabler to growth.

We have solution selling to the FinTech sector on a global basis in our DNA. We also believe in an additional dimension to the solution sales approach, that is, the creation and fostering of a deep sense of partnership with clients.

Indirect channel development, especially for SMEs, can seem an attractive way to scale a business. However, if not executed correctly, the outcome can be disappointing. Well-executed channel strategies on the other hand can bring

great benefits. We have experience of what works, and in some respects more importantly what does not work, when embarking on indirect channel development.