Building a Business to Secure External Investment

We have experience working in privately owned businesses, helping them to plan for and ready themselves for eventual external investment in their business..

Working in PE backed businesses

We have experience working in Private Equity backed firms. Private Equity backed businesses all need to go through a process of professionalisation, not only to meet the needs of the PE firm, but to ensure that the business is built and structured so that at the next exit point, all of the required capabilities are in place to ensure that maximum value can be obtained. The PE backed enterprise needs to be 'Built for Exit'.

As is often the case post investment, the business may need to be fundamentally reshaped. For example a move to a 'subscription' model, and with the founders moving on or taking on an 'investor' role, the establishment of a new management team is central to moving forward. We can help and advise throughout this process.

Non Executive & Mentoring Roles

We have a long track record of providing practical insights to the board and executive management team of businesses on either a Non-Executive NED basis or as a business advisor/mentor.

Working with Investors

Investors wishing to make investments in the highly attractive FinTech sector need supplementary skills to select and make investments, with due diligence being a prime example. We have worked on many investment situations, providing a range of contributions.